On Modstrom.com you can buy different turtleneck styles for women and girls. You can choose between dresses, sweats, basics and knits. The dresses are available in loose fit and tight fit. Our most popular turtleneck is Tanner, where you can choose between a dress and a basic shirt. Our other styles are available in knit and sweat with or without pattern. The patterns include check pattern and stripes. The turtleneck is adapted to every season and is available in shorter styles without sleeves, perfect for summer. No matter the season and style you will be able to find it on Modström. What is the same for all of Modström's turtlenecks is the design – simple lines and a perfect cut.
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Turtleneck – classic and cool

The turtleneck has made its comeback on the fashion scene this season. It is a classic that designers are trying to reinterpret, which has made it available in different styles for ladies. Normally, a turtleneck was seen as a practical piece of clothing and not a fashionable item. Today, the turtleneck is a musthave, not only because of its practical qualities, but also for its trendy look. Turtlenecks for women are available in patterned, thin, cable knitted and fashionable styles. One of the reinterpretations is all the different materials it is made from. You can choose between a sweatshirt style and a regular T-shirt style with long sleeves. The basic turtleneck has especially been a favourite among many due to its minimalistic look and innumerable styling possibilities.

Buy Modström turtlenecks online

On the webshop you can buy turtlenecks for ladies and girls. It is one of the latest trends, and it did not take long for it to become a part of everybody's chosen fashion item. It has become a favourite among many – Modström's as well. Pair it with a matching skirt or a pair of jeans to create a more relaxed and versatile look. Be inspired by our great selection and find your next turtleneck on Modstrom.com. If the purchase does not live up to your demands you have 30 days to return it.