Sweatshirts are the perfect item for your wardrobe. At Modström you will find a wide selection of feminine and oversized sweatshirts in many different colours.

Sweats in soft cotton

In this category, you will find sweatshirts in different colours and fits. Our sweats are made in soft cotton and therefore our sweat is super comfortable. A sweatshirt can be used for many different occasions. You can wear a sweatshirt for a cool everyday look or just when you need to relax at home. Pair a sweatshirt with a skirt and a pair of boots for a more feminine look or with a pair of sweatpants and sneakers for a more casual look. Wear it with a shirt underneath for the perfect look at work. The best thing about sweatshirts is that you can use it for both summer and winter season. During summer wear it over a top or a dress to keep warm during chill summer nights. A good sweatshirt is soft and indispensable during the transition from autumn to winter. You can without a doubt find the most comfortable sweatshirt at Modström in exactly the color that suits you. On our webshop you always have 30 days right to return.