Whether you are looking for a printed blazer, one with colour or a simple blazer to match everything, you can find it her. You can also find cool coatigans as an alternative to your jacket or blazer.

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Modström has blazers for day time and festive occasions

Modström has a wide selection of female blazers to make you ooze of style and class. A blazer can help spice up your daily look and at you will find a wide selection of seasonal colours, materials, cuts and shapes to match current trends. We have blazers for women seeking a professional and classic look, the chic trendsetter or the causal type. The classic female blazer can spice up your daily look. Pair a classic black blazer and pants with a shirt for a business inspired look and let your outfit ooze of class and confidence. If you want a more feminine look you can style a blazer in a vibrant colour with a shirt and pair of jeans. You can also find blazers for a more casual and cooler look, choose a coatigan with a loose fit and style it with a T-shirt and a pair of pants. Modström’s assortment offers alternatives to the classic blazer with looser fit, print and patterns, bright colours and details. Whether you like beautiful floral prints or solid coloured nuances all our blazers will add a personal touch to your everyday.