Accessories for women

At Modström you will find a wide selection of accessories in seasonal colours and beautiful patterns for women, exclusively designed to complete your outfit. With the right accessories you can transform any outfit from day to night.

Accessories for all seasons from Modström

Accessories is an extra touch and the icing on the cake for your outfit. Accessories are indispensable elements in every woman's wardrobe giving your outfit a personal touch. At Modström we want to encourage your personal style and want various items and accessories to be styled in your individual way.
Through autumn and winter a cool scarf or hat for the cold days is essential. Modström offer scarfs and hats in different colours and patterns. They are soft, warm and a must-have during the cold winter months. A warm scarf or hat is not only practical but an accessory, make sure you find the right one to match your jacket and personal style.
Accessories are the extra details for your outfit. You can choose various items and let them dominate your outfit or let a single accessory speak for itself.