For the Pre Fall 2021 we are reminiscing the transition from childhood into being a woman. A moment of transformation which makes us recall dreaming about being grown up and the romanticexpectations of adulthood. Playing dress-up in our father's blazers andmother's earrings and throwing fabulous pyjamas-parties with our girlfriends,sipping lemonade of fancy champagne glasses and pretending that the straw is a cigarette – with only our own rules to follow.

The collection is the perfect combinationof cheeky pastels, exaggerated silhouettes and ultra-feminine details –inspired by a moment of dreams.

Spring/Summer 2021

For the summer 2021 Modström is inspired by the powerful and inspirational women – the Danish Skagen painter Anna Ancher (1859-1935). She was a pioneer in the technique of pastel painting and known, as the painter of light and sunshine – meaning she excelled in bringing light into her paintings. Her impressionist motives were a capture of a wandering moment in time – a motive that was often of the daily life around her. For this collection we celebrate the courage, persistence and power she must have had to succeed in a male dominated profession during this time.

Inspired by the pastel hues of her painting, bringing a soft light yellow and a powder purple together with a slightly darker blue summer palette. Important colours for this collection are the natural hues, camel, beige and brown earth tones together with the lighter linen whites, ranging from a warmer cream to a bright crisp white, illustrating our inspiration from the Danish nature and coat line that often was portraited in her paintings. Delicate small flower prints go well together with the elegant yarn dyed stripes, while bold colored flower prints make a beautiful feminine statement throughout the collection.

An elegant and feminine look runs throughout the collection, with hints of contemporary feminine details and shapes inspired by Anna Ancher at her time, elevated to a modern-day look. Combining cotton shirt with puff sleeves and ruffled collars with soft knitted vest and airy feminine dresses in a beautiful contrast to the men's inspired styles such as blazers, classic shirt details and slightly oversized fits - Creating a very feminine and powerful collection, perfect for the season.


For pre-spring 2021 we are dreaming of spring and warmer days.

We are inspired by the idea of an independent woman with a creative mind, wanting to be spontaneous and free from her everyday life. She travels on a train ride throughout Europe. Watching the landscape go by, slowing down, being on her own and getting re-charged. Travelling towards lighter days and chasing the early spring sun.

She is bold in everything she does, from the clothes she wears to the adventures she seeks – dressing up on a weekday in her favorite sparkly shoes, she dares to stand out. She has packed all her favorite clothes - her soft chunky knits, light flowy dresses, volume sleeved tops and ruffle collared shirts.

Inspired by the darker days turning light, the colour palette for this collection consist of warm brown hues and lots of camel tones – combined with electric rouge and soft blues. Bold florals in different shades and sizes are bringing a sense of spring to the collection while feminine graphics adds edge and a minimalistic touch.

Our pre spring 2021 collection is all about going your own way, dressing up on a weekday and daring to be different.


For Fall 2020 we draw inspiration from the idea of a getaway to a weekend house placed in the middle of the forest, decorated with handcrafted colorful ceramic goods, wooden mid-century furniture.

With its big open windows, the house has a subtle reference to the work of the modern architect Alvar Aalto. Bringing the outside nature in and mixing the green colors of the forest with the palette of natural colors and materials of the house.

A warm color palette inspired by the changing seasons of the nature, consists of dark bottle greens, teddy bear browns, golden fall yellows, maroon red, vintage blue and creamy hues interspersed with pastel shades that soften the sharper looks. Two-colored animal prints and a dust of polka dots have made its way into the collection, perfectly mixed with multicolored florals and toned-down checks.

From breezy dresses to chunky overcoats. Foundational classics with a modern twist as well as statement pieces like floral plissé dresses and wool jackets.

The collection is all about dressing that feels effortless while making a statement.